Iceberg Group – Miss Isbister

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Mosspark's Iceberg album on Photobucket

Whirlpool Group – Mr Tarry

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Mosspark's Whirlpool album on Photobucket

Ocean Group – Mr Boyer – Team pictures in here too!

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Mosspark's Ocean album on Photobucket

Wave Group – Mr Ward

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Mosspark's Wave Mr Ward album on Photobucket

Avalanche Group – Miss Higson and Mrs Nunwick

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Mosspark's Avalanche album on Photobucket


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Today’s the big day!

Make sure you follow the school twitter account @mossparkjnrs and keep checking back here for pictures of the weekend!

Miss Higson

Valley Group – pictures fixed!

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Ok, Valley Group posts have been edited and all the pictures should be on there now! So have a look out for yourself on the giant swing, trapeze and all the other activities… I took some good action shots!

Miss Higson

Valley Group with Kim and Miss Higson – Day 3!

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Here are the final pictures from day 3. I think we had some of the best activities on the final day!

Well done everyone, I hope you all had a brilliant time.

Miss Higson

Final day for Desert Group

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We had a tough and challenging final day. First of all, we were all blindfolded and had to complete the difficult obstacle course in the freezing cold conditions! Then we had to face the dark and explore the dark caves, before taking on the challenging heights of the trapeze. All of us were tired but our bravery enabled us to conquer the tough final day challenges!


Hill group day 3

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Well it’s finally over. A big well done to the whole of hill group who were fantastic throughout the weekend, as well as all the children who did Moss Park proud. We escaped the dungeon of doom, built huge crate towers, solved the knights quest and made it down the hill and back to the coach without being eaten by geese. A fantastic weekend, brilliantly organised for the final time by Mrs Massey.

Please leave a comment on any of the posts or photos to let all the teachers know what you thought.

I’m off to bed. Night night…

Mr Richards

p.s. Some extra photos of hill group have been added to day 1 and 2. Also, some photos have been removed and re-uploaded because they weren’t displaying correctly.

Hill group day 2

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Day 2 has come to an end! Hill group has yet again overcome many nerves to have another great day. Piranha pool, trapeze and giant swing all created a few wobbles but everyone got through unscathed and with big smiles on their faces in the end. Bring on tomorrow!

Mr Richards

Day 2 – Evening pictures!

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Tonight’s activities continued in our teams. Dancing competitions and Egyptian Mummifying challenges!

Hot chocolate and a biscuit now, bedtime soon ready for our last day…

Wood Group Day 2

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We started the day on a high – we did trapeze and the zip wire followed by the giant swing! Everybody did really well. The encouragement from team members for those people who were a little nervous was very impressive and it meant that everyone pushed their boundaries to achieve great things.

We then had two indoor activities – archery and climbing. There were some very impressive performances.

Following our evening meal, we went to the dreaded piranha pool. I’m pleased to report that all members of Wood group survived the experience and are currently enjoying a nice warm shower.

Dungeon of Doom, Crate Challenge and Quest tomorrow before we return home. I’m sure that all the children will have lots to tell you when they see you.

Desert Group Day 2

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We have had such a busy and eventful day! Our first activity was the zip line. All the children (and teachers) braved the heights and zipped their way across the field to the finish! We then had to face heights again in the crate challenge where the children had to build and climb their own towers. After lunch, we changed into our waterproofs and headed down to the lake to try some canoeing and raft building. Not one of us came back dry which shows how much fun we had! Some of us even decided to jump into the lake at the end! After we dried out, we had to face the puzzles in the scary ‘Dungeon of Doom’. Just as the snow began to fall, we went off inside to refuel and have some dinner before our final activity which was the climbing wall. Today has been such a busy day but has been thoroughly enjoyed by all the children and the teachers!

Valley Group with Kim and Miss Higson – Day 2!

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So day 2 for Valley has seen a huge number of great events. After a 7am rise we started with the zip wire where we were luckily enough to have 3 turns each! We took turns to shout ‘Don’t be a hero, be a superhero!’ as we stepped off and pulled our favourite superhero pose down the zip wire. By the end we had perfected our landing and were experts. Well done to the whole group for having a go at this.

Then we moved on to the crate challenge. We were in teams of 4 and had to work together to build the highest crate we could whilst we were standing on it. Well done to The Milk Crates who managed 8 layers!

After lunch we did canoeing, where once we’d mastered paddling we played a game of football in our canoes and had races. We all stayed dry during this activity but this wasn’t the case for the following one… Raft building was up next. We chose our materials and built the raft we had designed. Then, those who wanted to were able to skydive into the lake. A brilliant day all round!

Day 1 – Evening!

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A fantastic night of games! Wood Team won in the end but well done to everyone. I think the leaders had it in for the teachers though….

And a big ‘Happy Birthday’ to Amber!

Wood Group – Day 1

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What a great start to our Robinwood experience!!

We all survived the walk up the hill and everyone managed to make their beds! The sun was shining as we arrived but we have had a couple of showers this afternoon.

We started our activities with Night Line and the children worked really well as a group.  Everyone then enjoyed the canoeing.  After that, we went on to raft building where all the group got to the centre of the lake without falling in.  However, most of them couldn’t resist skydiving into the lake!  They were very pleased to move from there to a hot shower.

The children are all now in bed. Let’s hope they get a good night’s sleep ready for another action-packed day tomorrow.

Valley Group

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What a brilliant first day! Valley group have done the giant swing, piranha pool, archery and the Knights Quest. Lots of happy children. We’ve just collected our laundry, all freshly dry, had our hot chocolate and are off to bed. Lights out and sleep at 10pm! Be sure to check out our evening pictures too…

We have lots of pictures of everyone but uploading is proving very difficult… Apologies for duplicates and if some are missing, we promise to make sure they are all uploaded when we return to school!

(If the pictures seem small or are thumbnails, you should be able to click on them to see the full size)

Desert Group – Day 1

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image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

It has been a long and tiring day for both the children and the staff. After making the beds and having a quick lunch, we put on our helmets and harnesses and set off for the giant swing. The group didn’t let their nerves get the better of them and all had a go. We then defeated the Piranha Pool and Knights Quest challenges before testing our aim at archery. After dinner we had the chance to play a few team games before heading off to bed in order to recharge for our busy day ahead tomorrow!

Mr Tarry

Hill group day 1

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Hello from Robinwood!

The children have just gone to their rooms after a great, and tiring, first day. Hill group have been brilliant. Everyone gave each activity their best, despite a few nerves, starting with Nightline, where a few ‘squirrels’ tormented the children as they completed the course. This was followed by canoeing and raft building in the lake, resulting in a number of very wet people as they skydived in. After showers, the group entered the caves. Everyone managed to get through the narrows twists and turns, and even escaped through the pitch black at the end. A great dinner was followed by team challenge. The teachers were unfairly treated throughout, but are now able to finally relax, we hope, for the night. Everyone is looking forward to another packed day tomorrow, provided we manage to get out of bed on time!

Mr Richards

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